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Knowing each individual student in your school, whilst keeping track of whole-school progress and any areas of improvement or concern, is a monumental task. CENTURY understands the data that is important to school leaders and presents it in an easy-to-use and simple real-time dashboard. You will be able to:

  • View real-time data on a school, class, and individual student level
  • Know how your students are progressing compared with expectations

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We understand the challenges of today’s education system: a high-pressure, results-driven environment with too much time spent on admin and not enough on teaching and inspiring students. CENTURY’s aim is to make teachers’ lives easier.  By using our platform, you will be able to:

  • Keep track of your students’ progress: CENTURY identifies their strengths and areas for improvement
  • Save time by automating marking and creating data reports quickly and easily
  • Set, track and collect homework

CENTURY can be used in the way that is best for you and your students, from flipped learning to homework, from revision to classwork.

Classroom teacher using CENTURY
"It's great to have a diagnostic tool which accurately and constantly reflects what the student knows" Teacher, South East England
"CENTURY allows me to do all the things that I dreamed of doing as a teacher" Teacher, Southeast England
"Some of our students are achieving in ways that we never thought possible; I have seen the evidence" Teacher, Manchester
"The analytics that I have seen so far will be invaluable to use" Teacher, East Sussex


From our fingerprints, to the way we learn, we are unique, and it is important that our education reflects that.

CENTURY knows this, which is why we provide:

  • Personalised learning suggestions, so you know the best thing for you to study next
  • Personalised messages based on how your brain learns, your effort levels and achievement
  • Immediate feedback on your learning, so you can improve beyond the classroom
  • Cross-Curricular recommendations: CENTURY’s learning engine can identify if you are struggling with a concept because you need to refresh your memory or learn a topic from another subject
  • Access to extra-curricular courses

Parents and Guardians

We all want to ensure our child is getting the best education: that they are engaged and enjoying themselves, and that any potential issues are identified early on. Although parents are not yet able to access CENTURY directly (watch this space!), you can still benefit from your child using the platform:

  • Your child’s progress and achievement will be tracked, so any necessary interventions can take place at the right time
  • CENTURY provides a comprehensive view of your child’s strengths and areas for improvement across all subjects
  • Your child will have access to personalised learning materials anytime, anyplace
Parents using CENTURY

What makes CENTURY different?

So far, technology has provided education with systems which can deliver online lectures, present slideshows and allow students to receive and deliver their homework online. However, every student has the same experience.

How we learn is as unique as our fingerprints. Every student should be provided with a personalised learning experience.

CENTURY is focused on improving the learning and assessment experience for every student and providing instant data insights to teachers.

CENTURY learns how the individual student learns and presents content to the student based on his or her behaviour.  The platform takes into account the student’s personal interactions with CENTURY, as well as the interactions of his or her peers, and looks at patterns in learning behaviour of the whole population of students learning on the CENTURY platform.

CENTURY tracks how the student is learning and constantly adapts, presenting the student with recommendations of what he should learn next, based on his gaps in knowledge, strengths, weaknesses and where he needs further challenge. Several variables, including focus levels, pace of learning, difficulty levels and memory function are all taken into account.

The student receives personalised messages based on his or her learning, effort and achievement. These personalised messages encourage a growth mindset, perseverance and resilience.

CENTURY provides instant reports to teachers about their students on an individual, class and school level.

Teachers are able to identify progress and achievement in real time and instantly see if the learning objectives of the course are being fulfilled. Outliers in the class are instantly identified allowing the teacher to quickly and easily spot when an intervention is necessary.