On January 8th, CENTURY CEO and Founder Priya Lakhani gave evidence to the Education Committee as part of their inquiry into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Lakhani spoke about the ways artificial intelligence (AI) was already impacting education and the input required from government to ensure these new technologies benefited students and educators.

Lakhani told them technology had failed to yet make a positive impact on the education sector because “the government does not understand artificial intelligence in education”. We’ve yet to comprehend the radical impact AI will have on the ways we teach and learn – that it’s entirely different from those existing technologies that merely digitise existing teaching practices. If we don’t understand what AI is or how it works, we cannot know how to wield it for positive impact or successfully implement it.

If you wanted to get a crash course in AI, CENTURY has a ‘No BS Guide to AI’ which Lakhani co-wrote with Professor Rose Luckin, director of EDUCATE at UCL which I encourage you to read. Over the next few weeks, in the lead up to Bett 2019, we’ll be running through some of the basics of AI and how it’s used in education, including the importance of implementing it safely and for maximum positive impact. In short, AI is technologies which are capable of performing tasks as well as, if not better than, humans. But its functions, and more importantly societal implications, cannot be understated. Check back to blog as we explore.