“We are so interested in the work of the indefatigable Priya Lakhani and her team at CENTURY Tech.”

 Geoff Barton, ASCL General Secretary

Geoff Barton says it’s important we look to the future of education but in doing so, we mustn’t ignore the significant challenges we face at present.

Back to the future

The American baseball player Yogi Berra had a certain way with words. It’s thanks to him that we got the saying, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” He clearly had a way with numbers, too, once quipping, “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.”

But on one thing he was most definitely right: “It’s tough to make predictions – especially about the future.” Quite.

In this edition of Leader we look to the future, but without overlooking the significant challenges we face in the present…

Read the full article by Geoff using the link below.

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