“Less confident learners have become more confident. Tasks are at a level which stretches, but supports them.”

Mark Steed
Director, JESS Dubai

Based in Dubai, Jumeriah English Speaking School (JESS) is well known around the world for its high achievement and pioneering application of education technology. Mark Steed, former chair of the UK Independent Schools Council IT Strategy Group (2007 –  2015), took the position of Director in 2015 and has led JESS into a new era of technological innovation. CENTURY’s application of AI in the classroom was the natural next step for JESS as they continue to lead in education.

What do your students enjoy about using CENTURY?
Students enjoy the personalised learning aspect of CENTURY, whereby their own learning path is unique to them. The teaching material included in the nuggets allow students to learn at their own pace and review when necessary. They also LOVE the fact that AI is part of their education!

Where will CENTURY be most powerful in your school environment?
For me, CENTURY is a powerful homework tool, allowing home learning to be meaningful and impactful. By completing diagnostic tests, teachers can be sure that the activities their students complete are pitched at the right level. The flipped learning aspect of CENTURY also allows parents to have a window into their child’s learning.

Have you noticed any immediate impact of CENTURY?
Less confident learners have become more confident because the tasks they complete are at a level which stretches, but supports them. Engagement levels are high – students want to do more so that the AI learns more about them.

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