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If you cannot find the answer to your question below, then don’t hesitate to email the CENTURY team at

General FAQs:

What is CENTURY?

CENTURY is a cloud-based platform built by the best engineers, scientists and teachers to improve learning outcomes and reduce teacher workload. Students access learning materials on the CENTURY platform and data on their progress, achievement and areas for improvement are then fed back to their teachers. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, cognitive neuroscience and big data insights to provide students with a personalised learning experience, while also saving teachers time by automating marking and providing them with the data they need at the click of a button.

What makes CENTURY different?

CENTURY is different to other learning platforms because it combines cognitive neuroscience, AI algorithms and big data insights. This revolutionary and truly adaptive technology is able to engage students by providing them with a personalised education, at the same time as empowering teachers to be the very best educators they can be.

Why should my school / college use CENTURY?

The benefits of CENTURY are extensive for teachers, students and school leaders.
For teachers: it relieves their workload by collating information and providing data-driven reports that allow them to optimise teaching and learning outcomes.
For students: it empowers them to take control of their education and supports them in achieving an education that challenges them, motivates them, and most importantly, understands them.
For school leaders: it provides them with access to intelligent, whole-school data in real-time, enabling them to make fast and effective decisions about students and how to improve their education provision.

Who can access CENTURY?

Anyone who has a subscription to CENTURY can access the platform.  Please contact us at to enquire about becoming a CENTURY school or fill out the following form: ‘Become a CENTURY school

How do we get CENTURY in our school / college?

To subscribe to CENTURY, complete the ‘Become a CENTURY school’ form, and one of our team will get in touch.

How will you protect our e-safety?

Century Tech is certified by the Department of Education as a cloud service provider and complies fully with the Data Protection Act. Our services use strong encryption for all interaction with our users, and all of our users’ data is safely and securely stored, encrypted and backed up.

How do I logon to CENTURY?

To logon to CENTURY you need to have a subscription. If you do, then click on the login button in the top right-hand corner of this page, and enter your username and password (you will have been given these when you signed up). If you are having any issues, then please email

Which web browser should I use?

CENTURY is supported on the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you are accessing the platform from a tablet, we support Chrome on Android tablets and Safari on iPads. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need version 11 or above.

Please click here to get the Google Chrome browser for Windows or Mac OS.
What devices can I use to access CENTURY?

It is best to use a laptop or desktop when working on CENTURY, however you can also use tablets. We are currently working on a mobile app and will be sure to keep you updated on this.

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Learner FAQs

How do learners use CENTURY?

You will be given login details once your school or college has signed up.  When you login, you will be presented with your recommended learner path which will be based on the courses you have been assigned by your teacher. CENTURY is totally adaptable, so can be used in whatever way you find the most beneficial: you can use CENTURY both inside and outside of the classroom, for homework and for revision.  You can find more details about how to use CENTURY by watching the ‘how to’ videos on the platform.

How can I create an account with CENTURY?

If your school has signed up to CENTURY, you will be provided with a logon. Click on ‘Login’ at the top of this page to access the platform. You will need your username and password.  You are currently not able to create an account with CENTURY unless your school has subscribed to the platform.

Can my parent or teacher see the work I complete in an assignment?

Your teachers will be able to see all the work you complete. They will see what topics you have completed and how many questions you answered correctly. This will enable them to help and support your learning in the best possible way.

How do I save my work?

Your progress through a topic will be automatically saved when you click ‘exit’. To save an essay, click the large pink ‘save’ button.

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Teacher FAQs

Where does the content on CENTURY come from?

CENTURY’s content has been created or curated by teachers and, if they have the relevant permissions, shared on CENTURY’s content management system. CENTURY can host any course. Teachers are also able to upload their own content to the platform. To see how to do this, please watch the ‘About CENTURY’ videos on the platform.

Is it aligned to the curriculum?

Absolutely! Our Curriculum Team make sure that CENTURY’s content is aligned with the curriculum and that it addresses the skills and knowledge required by the Department for Education.

How much should we use CENTURY during the school day?

There is no minimum or maximum time for which CENTURY should be used.  However, the more you and your students use the platform, the more it will understand how learners learn, and the more CENTURY will be able to personalise learning for your students.

What’s the best way to use CENTURY?

CENTURY is totally adaptable. It can be used in the way that is best suited to you and your students. Current CENTURY schools use it in a number of ways, from flipped learning to classroom learning, from homework to revision.

Can students access other sites when they are on CENTURY?

No, when students are using CENTURY, they will not be directed away from the platform.

What subject areas does CENTURY cover?

CENTURY is content agnostic, so it can be used for students in any situation and at any level. It currently covers a wide range of subjects including traditional KS4 EBacc subjects such as English, maths and the sciences, vocational subjects and extracurricular topics.

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