First News on CENTURY

Give your students access to high-quality news-based learning on your CENTURY platform.

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What is First News?

The world's trusted newspaper for children

First News reports on the biggest and most fascinating news from around the world every week, for children aged 7 to 14. Through growing each child’s global awareness, First News cultivates a love of reading and learning, which is why more than two and a half million young people read First News every week.

From politics to entertainment, sports to science and everything in between, First News upholds a balance between positive stories and hard-hitting news, inspiring young minds with amazing facts and providing reassuring context to more complex issues.

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First News on CENTURY

CENTURY’s customers are able to access First News resources directly on our platform via an additional paid subscription. The offer includes:

✔ Access to the weekly digital edition of First News for all students who have CENTURY accounts
✔ Three weekly interactive comprehensions, vocabulary puzzles based on the latest stories from the newspaper in a nugget format
✔ These high-quality resources can be used across the curriculum, in English, PSHE, Citizenship, intervention groups, topical assemblies and in afterschool clubs

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Benefits of First News resources

  • Improve reading skills

    National Literacy Trust research showed that using First News resources in the classroom displayed positive changes in both reading attitudes and attainment.

  • Connect news and learning

    Weekly news reading, analysis and discussion helps children to develop critical literacy and understanding of how to identify reliable news.

  • Reduce workload

    First News resources are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing lessons or form the basis of exciting new ones, in the form of hassle-free, pre-prepared reading activities.

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To find out more about the First News subscription on CENTURY, pricing and implementation please speak to your CENTURY account manager today.