You Do The Teaching


CENTURY is the teaching and learning platform used by schools, colleges and universities to help students be independent yet supported learners, and allows teachers to focus on teaching

Reduce Teacher Workload By Six Hours Per Week

Automate routine tasks, access cross-curricular content, get real-time progress reporting.*

Improve Learner Outcomes By 30%

Including students with SEN or disabilities, and pupil premium.** Students get differentiated material and instant feedback.

Built-In Diagnostics

Diagnostic assessments throughout learner journeys immediately spot misconceptions and track progress over time.

Keep Guardians In the Loop

The portal offers detailed insights into their child’s knowledge, skills, and progress, alongside suggested actions for improvement.

CENTURY Is Transforming Learning.

CENTURY is the first learning platform to combine artificial intelligence, data science, and neuroscience to personalise learning for students of all levels. CENTURY learns how each student’s brain learns.

It identifies gaps in knowledge and areas for stretch, and offers an individualised path to mastery.

CENTURY allows students to learn autonomously at school or at home in a supported way.

CENTURY doesn’t just know if students are struggling; it knows why.

Advanced diagnostics empower teachers with real-time data on each students’ progress and level of effort.

They know exactly which students require support, who to praise for effort, and who can be stretched further. Teachers can focus on teaching and spend less time micro-marking.

CENTURY has thousands of micro-lessons – from early years upwards – spanning a variety of subject including English, Maths, and Science. The library is constantly growing and teachers can also upload their own content.


  • Identify students’ strengths and areas for improvement
  • Set, track, and collect homework quickly and easily
  • Save time with automated marking and data reports


  • Access real-time whole-school data and individual students’ data
  • Identify your school’s learning needs at a macro level
  • Support your teachers with timely and powerful interventions


  • Benefit from a constantly adapting learning pathway
  • Identify skills and gaps and receive personalised support
  • Auto-marking technology gives you instant feedback


  • Greater insights into your child’s learning
  • Access learning materials for your child anytime, any place
  • Identify areas for improvement and encourage home learning
*CENTURY teacher survey, December 2017.
**Based on an analysis of 11,000 students on CENTURY in the 2017/18 academic year.