How CENTURY is enhancing learning at Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School

Posted on 9th December 2021

Posted by CENTURY


Tauheedul Islam Boys' High School is a Star Academies secondary school for boys in Blackburn, Lancashire, with roughly 700 pupils. The school, which received an Ofsted rating of "oustanding",  is currently in its second year of using CENTURY to support staff and students, and their Account Manager Taryn caught up with Associate Assistant Principal Muhammed Patel to find out how they are using the platform and what impact it has had so far.

What prompted you to choose CENTURY for your school?

Initially, we were looking for a tool to help pupils engage in self-study and digital learning over the COVID period to allow our learners to have a hybrid of teacher input and novel ways of learning at their own pace.

We chose CENTURY because of the self-paced element – we’ve not come across another app with the AI side of things before. It works out a personalised pathway for each pupil, which was the clincher for us.

How did you initially implement CENTURY?

We started by using CENTURY in one class to improve their SPaG, and soon found that our young men really enjoyed going through the nuggets at their own pace; on their own flight path. 

We then started to share videos with pupils on a particular revision topic, which was an idea that pupils really enjoyed and benefited from as they could play/pause/rewind and re-watch at their leisure.

After seeing the benefits of the platform, our entire English and Science team now solely use CENTURY as their homework consolidation tool whilst also bringing the videos in class to aid progress and help pupils remember more over time.

How did you find the onboarding process and ongoing support?

The onboarding process was seamless… we simply sent the SIMS data through and were good to go! Since then, the support our Account Manager Taryn has provided is simply phenomenal – no issue is too big or too small and the replies are swift and solution based. 

What do teachers think of the platform?

Teachers feel that it is extremely beneficial in that it allows pupils to complete self-study, serves as a ready-made revision tool and works out pupils’ weak areas through AI, which is a godsend!

It has massively helped with teacher workload as the resource creation is no longer needed and there is no need to find an ‘appropriate video’ for the ‘appropriate Key Stage’ with the ‘appropriate challenge’. CENTURY takes care of everything.

How are you measuring CENTURY’s success?

Although we are working on getting pupils to spend more focused time on CENTURY outside of school, there has been some phenomenal usage so far. The impact is in our results – we are on a trajectory to get the best ever results the English and Science faculty have ever had.

What are your plans for going forward with CENTURY?

To continue using the question banks as a revision tool and to consolidate pupil learning whilst bringing in the content to use in-class.

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