CENTURY Tech links with the Your Life STEM campaign

Posted on 1st April 2017

Posted by CENTURY

CENTURY Tech is a revolutionary online learning platform that uses artificial intelligence and data science to improve education for the teacher and the student. CENTURY Tech’s groundbreaking platform recommends learning topics for each individual student in order to address any gaps in knowledge or skills and teachers have access to shared content and real-time data insights into their students’ learning. Your Life, led by a board of directors chaired by Edwina Dunn, co-founder of dunnhumby and CEO of Starcount, is a three-year STEM campaign to ensure the UK has the Maths and Physics skills it needs to succeed in today’s competitive global economy. The Your Life campaign engages young people by creating inspiring video content and by running activities such as memorable visits to the U.K.’s most exciting STEM workplaces.

So, how are CENTURY Tech and Your Life joining forces?

On CENTURY, students access learning content and artificially intelligent algorithms plot the most effective route through the material. CENTURY provides courses mapped to the National Curriculum and Your Life create videos that are used as learning material throughout these courses. The videos provided by Your Life have been embedded into captivating mini-courses for extracurricular and lifelong learning and are also dotted throughout CENTURY’s GCSE Maths and Physics courses. CENTURY Tech and Your Life are continuing to work together to create exciting courses to inspire students to study STEM subjects by providing engaging material and a personalised route through their learning.

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