New #CENTURYawards for outstanding students launched

Posted on 7th March 2019

Posted by CENTURY

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Schools and colleges can now incentivise students to stretch themselves within CENTURY using a new set of #CENTURYawards announced today.

In addition to the existing trophies awarded to the most active CENTURY students, the new Effort Awards and Champion Awards will allow teachers to directly reward and encourage students to thrive.

Effort Award

Teachers can use this to reward students for whichever metric they feel appropriate – we have left blank spaces for you to fill in. It may be that a particular student and/or class have performed well in a certain nugget on CENTURY, or that a student has invested a lot of time and effort learning on CENTURY. You can be creative!

Champion Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

This award is for recognition of the users who have completed the highest number of questions on CENTURY. You can decide the time frame for which you measure this.

Teachers and leaders can find the data needed for these awards within the Teacher Dashboard or the Leadership Dashboard or by contacting your Account Manager.

Please find the awards here. Be sure to share photos of your award-winning students on social media using #CENTURYawards!

If you require support with any of these new features, please get in touch with your Account Manager.