Headteachers and senior leaders can now view school performance at a department, subject and class level, as CENTURY rolls out its new Leadership Dashboard to all schools and colleges.

The Leadership Dashboard allows leaders to see their school’s CENTURY usage at a much broader level than before. It lets them see how well each class is doing across a wide range of metrics, including average scores, nuggets completed, questions answered, total study time and time spent per pupil.

It allows Headteachers and Principals to see how well their school is performing across the board, drilling down into subject, class and student level. It provides Heads of Departments with a great overview of departmental performance and the ability to compare each class’s use of CENTURY. Scores can be analysed over time, providing a simple way of measuring changes in usage and performance.

To activate your school’s Leadership Dashboard, please contact your Account Manager.

Senior leaders are invited to join us for a webinar on how to maximise the new dashboard’s potential on Thursday 14th March at 4:30pm.

Also announced today are a new set of awards designed to incentivise students to stretch themselves within CENTURY – read more here.