Ansford Academy

Added on 09/12/19

Testimonial by Sam Wignell, Head of Science and Technology

Ansford Academy is a comprehensive secondary school in Castle Cary, Somerset with a student population of 575. CENTURY is integral to Ansford Academy’s ethos to foster ‘initiative, endeavour and creativity’ in students so that they may ‘grow and discover for themselves how they want to lead their lives’.

Head of Science and Technology at Ansford Academy, Sam Wignell was tasked with embedding digital learning across the school. The Academy wanted to improve attainment for lower ability pupils without taking teacher time away from their more able students. Sam realised that the school required a digital transformation to achieve its aim. Using the artificial intelligence behind CENTURY’s unique Recommended Learning Path, Sam was able to personalise a learning journey for each student. Over a 5 month period, Ansford students answered over 90,000 science questions, each one tailored to the individual student’s learning needs.

CENTURY’s innovative artificial intelligence ensured lessons were tailored to the individual student’s learning needs. Teachers reported confidence in the programme’s ability to cater to students’ unique learning, recognising gaps in knowledge and providing targeted support for specific topics.

One teacher commented, ‘CENTURY is an excellent idea, especially for independent learning’. Students were particularly satisfied with using the programme as a revision and independent study tool. Year eleven students found using CENTURY had a significant impact on reducing stress over prioritising during mock exam revision because the programme provides a targeted, data inferred study schedule.

How did Ansford teachers foster independent study and revision with their students?

You can rely on the AI behind the platform to personalise a learning pathway for each student. This works particularly well when it comes to revision, as CENTURY knows exactly what to set and when. Our Year 11 students really liked this in the run-up to their mocks, as it took the stress out of prioritising.

How did you use CENTURY to reduce your department workload and understand the gaps in your students’ knowledge?

My favourite part of using CENTURY is the data. It is so easy to get a detailed insight into how your classes are doing. There are no spreadsheets, no data entry, no marking. Nugget and question level data mean you can effectively use your time targeting which students need more challenge or support, in specific topic areas.

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