Basingstoke College of Technology

Added on 21/11/19

Testimonial by Charlie James, Learning Technologist

“After two and a half months of using CENTURY, we’ve seen an increase in English and maths GCSE resit results”

At BCoT, we are passionate about ensuring that all students who enter our doors leave with the knowledge, skills and qualifications they need to thrive.

CENTURY directs students’ learning and revision based on their strengths and weaknesses

Many of our students arrive still needing to pass their English and maths GCSEs. While initially they may feel demotivated by their previous grades from school, we try to offer the support and encouragement they need to improve their results, and to help with further studies and employment.

In September 2018 we launched CENTURY in our GCSE English and maths classes as well as our Functional Skills lessons. We were impressed with the platform’s ability to identify strengths and weaknesses for each of our students, and tailor learning materials to support them individually.

“Personally I love CENTURY – I think it is amazing. All our teachers love CENTURY and our students love it too. Our teachers find it very helpful to help students to learn independently, freeing time to focus on the students who need help the most. They also love being able to stretch the highest achievers as well.”

Our students use CENTURY for independent learning in classes, during their one hour scheduled blended learning sessions, in their vocational maths hours and at home. Students enjoy revising on CENTURY – the platform allows them to do it in their own time and helps them to understand where they need to improve rather than blanket revise all topics.

An improvement in study time and GCSE results

Students find the dashboard very helpful in showing them what they need to do as well as the specific subject they need to work on. They have also found themselves competing on who can get the highest score, complete the most nuggets and spend the most time on the platform completing work set – all contributing to their revision for their Functional Skills and GCSE exams.

We have 839 Maths students and 816 English students (both GCSE and Functional Skills) using CENTURY and we’ve noticed students revising far more because of it.

In comparison to the previous year, the statistics for our 2018 November resits show the student pass rate percentage has increased by 9% for English GCSE and by 21% in Maths GCSE after only two and a half months of using CENTURY. You can see from study times and the data generated by the platform that students are engaged, are using it at home and over half term.

Due to the success of English and Maths, we have also introduced CENTURY to our Level 3 Motorsport students as part of their Science and Maths units, and have started using it with our apprenticeship department to help our apprentices work towards their Functional Skills exams.

“I have used CENTURY myself and can vouch for how simple it is to use. It has made, and continues to make, an impact on student learning and, importantly, they enjoy using the platform.” Anthony Bravo, Principal