Beacon Hill Academy

Added on 09/12/19

Testimonial by Sukhjot Dhami, Interim Principal

Beacon Hill Academy is a secondary school in Sedgley, West Midlands.

We use CENTURY to improve outcomes in English, maths and science and we are delighted with how it has worked. We are on track to get the best results we have had in a long time and using CENTURY has been fundamental to this.

Teachers tell me that it has transformed classroom engagement – students are fully engaged using it, they stay engaged throughout, and they love it, because there’s no boredom. It’s a programme that keeps them actively learning at all times.

CENTURY allows parents to support their child’s learning more

One particular element of CENTURY that we’ve found helpful is the Guardian Portal, which lets our parents see exactly how their children are performing in school. We’ve had a huge uptake with the number of parents using it, following a parents evening we held where CENTURY came in to show parents how to use it.

We feel it is very important that parents understand how it works and that it isn’t just another bit of software. There’s so much in the market at the moment so we were keen to show why CENTURY is different.

Parents tell me they like the accessibility of it, they feel it gives them a great insight into what their child is doing in and outside of school and many have said they’ve been able to support and direct them further at home. Improving learning both at school and home – it’s a win-win from a Principal’s perspective.

Students benefit from personalisation

CENTURY offers genuine personalisation for each child, picking up on knowledge and skills gaps. It’s so tailored and bespoke to individual students, as opposed to an off-the-shelf approach for all students.

All our Year 11 students use it at the start of the day every morning. They are timetabled in computer labs where they use it for 20 minutes, and then 45 minutes three nights a week after school. It also helps with revision – often students struggle to put in place a proper revision structure, and CENTURY helps them here as it’s a bespoke package tailored to their needs.

It’s also a great tool for students facing additional challenges, such as those facing medical problems or those who have been off long-term sick. We’ve had a child stuck at home with a broken leg for weeks, but CENTURY means they could learn at home and keep up with their peers.

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