Lozells Primary School

Added on 09/12/19

Testimonial by Avnish Dhesi, Headteacher

We have definitely noticed the difference in terms of independent learning since the introduction of CENTURY.

At Lozells, one of the things we really focus on is helping our Year 6 pupils become independent learners in preparation for secondary school.

Entering secondary school is a big change for all children, and we want to make sure that our pupils feel confident and are equipped with the right skills to blossom in the new environment.

Whereas at a primary level a lot of the activities are very teacher-led, in secondary school students are expected to be on top of their own learning. So this is something that we encourage in our pupils and CENTURY is really useful for that. 

For us, it is very important that children enjoy the digital resources we offer them, as they get more out of them if they feel they have ownership of their learning. Just like with adults, when children are comfortable and confident they have high self-motivation to study. 

So we have been deliberately trying not to be too prescriptive about the way that pupils use CENTURY – while the teacher will make some suggestions as to how they can use it, we encourage them to follow their own pathways and work in a way that suits them best.

We use CENTURY for homework, classwork, as well as breakfast and afterschool clubs in the lead up to SATs for our Year 6 students.

This year our initiative has been to set flipped homework for the children so that they are accessing learning materials on CENTURY ahead the lesson. Flipped learning is important to us because it is the way that education is going generally. In secondary schools and in further education you see students learning from a range of different media – podcasts, videos, etc – before the material is covered in the lesson, and we want our pupils to get used to that. It is also a way of making our parents more engaged – when a child is bringing home something that requires internet access or some sort of pre-learning, it is making parents more aware of what they are doing at school.

We have definitely noticed the difference in terms of independent learning since the introduction of CENTURY.

I can see our Year 6 students becoming more confident and the usage has been consistently high.

When we first started using CENTURY I expected that it will appeal to children, but I was really surprised by how well they responded to it. We noticed an uptake in pupils using it at home, and some even wanted to go back to class during lunchtime to do more work on CENTURY. 

Additionally, we found that some of our lower graspers were finding the platform very useful, with the ability to watch the videos or presentations when they were getting the questions wrong, as well as using their dashboards to see how they’re doing.