South and City College Birmingham

Added on 21/11/19

Testimonial by Mike Hopkins, Principal 

“The level of student engagement we’re seeing is phenomenal.”

At SCCB, we pride ourselves on being innovative and forward-thinking, and are constantly looking for ways to support our students more effectively.

A platform that tailors learning for every student

We were looking for a new and innovative approach for teaching English and maths GCSEs, which are areas of struggle for most FE colleges.

To that end, we completely overhauled our teaching practices, in order to give students more one-on-one support on these subjects.

At the same time, we were looking for an online platform that would further support students. When we saw CENTURY, we were very impressed with its AI technology, which adapts and personalises learning for each individual. When students go online and use the platform, it learns about them and tailors material to their specific needs, which is completely unique.

“CENTURY really helps me learn and complete my homework quicker. When I submit my assignments I get a score and feedback that shows me what I need to improve on, and it helps me to do better in the future,” Student

Student engagement has increased and they spend more time studying independently

So far, we have seen big buy-in from students – anything new takes time to take hold, but our students have taken to CENTURY immediately. The proof of that has been in the usage figures. With older students like ours, we normally struggle to get them to study maths and English outside of the college. Yet during the last half term we saw hundreds of students going online and using CENTURY to revise at home, which was really amazing.

We went through an Ofsted inspection recently, and usually English and maths are the Achilles’ heels for every FE college. This time, we could show that we were doing something new and innovative to make a difference in these subjects. We got a very positive response from Ofsted on this initiative and our inspection went really well. Many of the students who use CENTURY a lot are the ones who would not have engaged with more traditional methods of teaching. This to me is a really telling sign of just how much they like it. Students don’t really understand the personalised nature of CENTURY – they just know that it works for them.

“Students enjoy using CENTURY – it’s an online tool that is easy to access and navigate. It’s particularly great for those students that lack confidence to ask questions in the classroom as it is tailored to their needs and ability,” Maths Teacher