The platform that reduces workload & improves outcomes

Key features

Recommended path

With CENTURY, your students have a personalised learning path made up of micro-lessons called nuggets. CAI, our AI technology, understands how an individual learns best and is constantly adapting to provide the support or challenge each student requires. Teachers can choose to assign nuggets or let CENTURY do the work.

Data shows that as students complete and revisit content, their understanding improves by an average of 30%.  

Content library

CENTURY provides your school with a constantly growing online library of English, maths and science materials for Key Stages 2 to 4. Your teachers can customise existing courses or even upload their own content. All our resources are created by experienced teachers and are available in a variety of formats including interactive tasks and videos.

Leadership dashboard

CENTURY enables you to turn data into powerful information for school improvement. The dashboard provides an overview alongside analytics of whole-school and subject data at a glance. It also allows you to explore usage and achievement of classes and individual students.

Teacher dashboard

CENTURY can cut your teachers’ workload by reducing time spent on marking and assessment. The platform provides real-time analytics about class performance, as well as actionable insights into each student’s understanding and skill. This empowers your teachers to take an evidence-based approach to targeting interventions and planning lessons.

Teachers report average savings of 6 hours per week when using CENTURY.

Guardian portal

Our guardian portal enables your school to work more closely with parents and guardians. Rather than waiting for reports on their child’s progress, they can view live data across subjects and encourage home learning. With CENTURY, your students are able to learn independently in a supported way.