The learning platform that reduces workload & improves outcomes

Learning on CENTURY

CENTURY combines years of research and development in artificial intelligence, data science, and cognitive neuroscience to learn how each student learns. The platform recommends what students should study next – and how – so that they can make optimum progress.

Teachers benefit from time savings as well as real-time intervention data thanks to the platform’s auto-marking and data analysis features.

Personalised Learning

A personalised learning pathway of micro-lessons (called nuggets) is created for each student, mapping their unique journey through the curriculum, according to their specific needs.

Constantly Adapting

CENTURY continually adapts each student’s learning pathway based on their learning behaviours, including performance, to constantly support their learning.

Diagnostic Assessments

Diagnostic assessments identify strengths and gaps in students’ knowledge and understanding, enabling educators to track progress over time.

Instant Feedback

At the end of each nugget, students are assessed on their understanding. Auto-marking technology provides instant feedback.

Advanced Learning Features for Students and Teachers

The Recommended Learning Pathway
The starting point for all learning on CENTURY

Ten recommended micro-lessons (nuggets) of learning greet the student when they log in. Each nugget is either selected by the AI (based on the student’s diagnostic assessment, performance, and learning behaviour) or specifically assigned by a teacher.

As each student interacts 
with the learning material on their recommended pathway, CENTURY continually adapts, suggesting new nuggets to challenge each student, as well as revision nuggets to support them.

The Markbook
Visualise whole-class understanding on just one screen

The Markbook feature pulls out headline metrics, such as the number of students that have attempted the material, their level of understanding, alongside suggested interventions for the teacher.

Additionally, the Question Level Analysis feature shows where each student is excelling and where they need support. It is now easy for teachers to analyse a lesson’s success, identify exactly what should be covered in subsequent lessons, and understand which students need further individual support.

Student Dashboard

Learning analytics (including understanding scores and effort levels) are presented back to the student on the Student Dashboard. This not only helps students to keep track of their progress, but also empowers them to take ownership of their learning.

Teacher Dashboard

Real-time learning analytics, with actionable insights on a class and individual level, empower teachers to make targeted, timely interventions.

Leadership Dashboard

The central hub for school leaders to visualise and analyse whole-school, department, and class level learning data. The dashboard will drill down into the data to show individual performance across the board, enabling leaders to make data-driven, targeted interventions.

Guardian Portal

With the Guardian Portal, guardians can now be more involved with their child’s education.  Guardians can view the topics and subjects that their child is currently working on and CENTURY will identify areas for improvement – encouraging constructive home learning in these areas.

Improved Outcomes

CENTURY students who revisit learning material achieve an average 30%  increase in their understanding scores.

Reduced Workload

As reported in Tes in May 2018, CENTURY reduces teacher workload by six hours per week.

Cost-effective Diagnostics

CENTURY’s built-in diagnostic assessment capability makes the platform one of the most cost-effective diagnostic tools on the market today.