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Virtua School powered by CENTURY

The tried and tested intelligent tool that combines artificial intelligence, learning science and neuroscience to help your child learn.

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Supercharge home education

CENTURY has teamed up with Homeschool Buyers Co-op to bring our advanced technology to US homeschoolers. Virtua School creates a constantly adapting personalised pathway for your child and gives you real-time data to make the best educational choices for your student.

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Personalised home learning with Virtua School

  • Grades 2-10

    Learning materials and questions for children from Grade 2-10

  • Tailored learning resources

    Tailored to your child's skills and knowledge

  • World-leading AI

    Powered by the world's leading AI learning platform

  • Web-based learning

    Web-based learning for tablets, laptops and desktops

With Virtua School your child can...

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