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Provides students with a personalised education based on their unique learning needs, whilst arming educators with real-time deep insight

School Leaders

We can help your staff become more effective while offering you a deeper insight into the progress of each individual student.

  • View real-time learning data on an individual, class and whole school level
  • Be aware of what works and how you can impact change if necessary
  • Support teachers to deliver timely and effective interventions

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Cloud Software Services for Schools – Supplier Self-Certification Statements

CENTURY offers a truly individualised and tailored approach to the preferred and most effective learning techniques of each and every student UK Secondary Academy Trust Director
CENTURY provides a solution for schools which adds value without pressure… CENTURY is driven by students’ needs, strengths and more importantly their weaknesses School Leader, Midlands


We know, because you have told us, the overwhelming amount of paperwork, marking and data management tasks mean you are spending less time on what you do best, teaching. CENTURY will allow you to:

  • Track each of your students’ progress and achievements and identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Access teacher-created resources in English, maths and science or upload your own
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on marking, planning, managing homework and creating data reports
Classroom teacher using CENTURY
It's great to have a diagnostic tool which accurately and constantly reflects what the student knows Teacher, South East England
CENTURY saves me an hour per week per class on marking and planning Maths teacher, Kent


We all learn differently, so let us provide you with a personalised education based on your unique learning needs.

  • Personalised learning recommendations, so you know the best thing for you to study next
  • Personalised messages based on how your brain learns, your effort levels and achievement
  • Instant feedback on your learning, so you can improve beyond the classroom
CENTURY adapts to my level of learning and helps me understand topics. It is also fun and easy to use CENTURY student