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The tried-and-tested platform that learns how the brain learns and provides a personalised path to mastery for every one of your students

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Our purpose is to improve educational outcomes. CENTURY has developed its advanced technology platform with teachers and students with overwhelmingly positive results. See our case studies page to hear more from our teachers about the impact of CENTURY on teacher workload, student engagement and positive learning outcomes.

Offer every one of your students a unique pathway to mastery

CENTURY instantly reacts to stretch, support and consolidate learning. Driven by artificial intelligence

Ofsted Ready: Real-time tracking of progress, achievement, interventions and deep insights

Supercharge your teachers and SLT with instant deep data insights, powered by advanced data science

Reduce the workload of your teachers

Automatic interventions, auto-assessments, smart lesson planner, instant tracking of progress and achievement of every student

"CENTURY is part of the reformation of our workforce and our delivery.  We need solutions that add value and remove pressure, but crucially enable students to take charge of their own learning." Sir Mark Grundy, Executive Principal, Shireland Collegiate Academy

How can CENTURY help you?

“Our recent Ofsted identified that we need to use data more strategically at middle leadership and teacher level. I am confident that Century will be key in bridging the gap between Good and Outstanding.” David Moran, Headteacher, Ashwood Academy.

What is CENTURY?

Students learn, are assessed and can complete homework on CENTURY. CENTURY tracks each students behaviour – every click and mouse move – to learn how the student learns and provide each student with a constantly adapting, personalised path to mastery.

CENTURY automatically provides educators with detailed insights into their students’ learning so less time is spent on marking, reporting and data entry.  We enable educators to make informed decisions about their students to create maximum impact.

How CENTURY works



Create your own learning materials and access those created by other teachers

  • Multimedia content available: video, slides and podcasts
  • Full KS4 and KS2 maths, English and science courses in the CENTURY public library
  • Easily create your own courses and assessments and set homework

Formative assessments and instant feedback

  • Assessments measure understanding after every topic
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Instant and personalised feedback for students
  • Questions linked to national curriculum assessment objectives

AI technology personalises each student’s learning path

  • Students are recommended the best topic to study next
  • Gaps in knowledge are identified and addressed
  • Encourages independent study and cross-curricular learning

Insights from cognitive neuroscience used to improve learning

  • Recommendations designed to improve long term memory retention
  • Personalised messages to engage, motivate and encourage a growth mindset
  • Students encouraged to try again to improve over time

Real-time class and student level data insights

  • Insights into students’ knowledge and skills
  • Analysis of learners’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Facilitates timely and targeted interventions
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