The difference CENTURY makes

When you see things like three million questions have been answered, or 300,000 nuggets have been completed, it's just mind blowing. In order to get to those figures, because of the number of schools that are using the platform right now, it's not just the teacher assigned content. We're talking about children who are also doing things that are outside what their teacher has asked them to do, which I think is just amazing.

Sabrina Espasandin, Digital Learning Adviser

Cognita Schools

CENTURY's AI engine encourages students to focus on the right areas for them, rather than just things they find easy. It challenges them to work on the things they need to learn and is highly effective at identifying their gaps in knowledge. It encourages what they learn to be embedded in their long-term memory. CENTURY does that really well by interleaving topics together and recognising where those gaps in knowledge are.

Nic Ford, Deputy Head (Academic)

Bolton School

Nothing has done as much for our students’ progress during these difficult times as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) provided by CENTURY Tech’s platform. The personalised support to each and every child through clever, automated questioning aimed at encouraging the students to dig deep into their own toolbox, find connections, use prior knowledge, etc., solidifies and future-proofs all learning.

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal

Doha College

Using a resource like CENTURY to bolster your activities and resources is a very, very good thing. I'm glad that we have it, I think it's helped us out a lot through this last year and will continue to be an important part of our teaching.

Mike Waller, Director Of Studies

Cottesmore School

We recently surveyed our primary teachers using CENTURY and were very pleased with the feedback. Every teacher said CENTURY helps with independent learning. Every teacher also said it helped to save them time – a crucial objective of our digital strategy. The survey found that teachers rated CENTURY 9.34 out of ten for ease of use and 9.29 out of ten for whether the platform meets their expectations.

Linda Parsons, Digital Lead

Deira International School

We are very happy with CENTURY. It has really cut down on teacher marking at a time when we need to look after staff well-being. I really notice the impact of CENTURY when talking to teachers and realise how much harder life would be without it.

Victoria Brownhill, Assistant Headteacher

Tipton Green Junior School

Our schedule is jam packed, so sometimes when you get given new tech, you think 'how am I going to fit this in?', but CENTURY is really easy to fit into your timetable and to integrate into your learning.

Sarah Lamble, Year 6 Teacher

Redlands Community Primary School

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