Mayoral and local authorities can use CENTURY to help bolster adult numeracy skills under the Multiply programme

CENTURY's personalised learning platform has thousands of maths micro-lessons covering GCSE and functional skills

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CENTURY for adult learners

CENTURY is a personalised learning tool that is able to immediately spot and plug knowledge gaps and is ideal for adult learners. We already work with over half of FE colleges as well as ITPs across the UK to deliver GCSE and Functional Skills maths training.

Feedback from our current customers demonstrates long-term knowledge and skills retention for learners when using CENTURY. This has led to improved learner outcomes, increased confidence and a higher engagement rate.

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Multiply maths courses on CENTURY

Every topic on CENTURY is broken down into micro-lessons that contain a video, a slideshow and a range of formative assessment questions, allowing students to test their knowledge while they are learning.

In addition to our extensive maths library, we have created additional courses specific to the requirements of the Multiply scheme.

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North Yorkshire Multiply team increase learner progress with CENTURY

North Yorkshire Multiply Services discuss how they reached out to learners in the community in a variety of ways, including using the online learning platform, CENTURY.

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Using CENTURY for Multiply courses at WM College

The Working Men's College (WM College), is among the earliest adult education institutions established in the United Kingdom, and Europe's oldest extant centre for adult education. We spoke to Peter Whitehead, Project Manager for Multiply, and Vineeta Tripathi, Maths ALP for Multiply, about their three golden rules for students, and how CENTURY reduces maths anxiety.

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Multiply: The government scheme to improve adult numeracy

This blog post discusses the UK government's Multiply scheme to improve adult numeracy as part of their Skills for Life campaign. £430 million of funding has already been allocated to local councils and mayoral authorities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and we discuss how CENTURY can help.

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How Corndel is using CENTURY to enhance learner experience, save tutors’ time and promote self-directed learning

Corndel is an award-winning management and technology training provider that focuses on delivering the highest quality programmes throughout a learner’s career. They began using CENTURY’s content for maths and English in May 2022. We spoke to Rob Darlington, Corndel’s Director of Skills for Business, about the positive results they are already seeing.