North Yorkshire Multiply team increase learner progress with CENTURY

Posted on 15th February 2024

Posted by CENTURY

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North Yorkshire Multiply Services are contracted to support the delivery of the government’s Multiply scheme to over 2,000 learners a year across North Yorkshire, throughout the duration of the three year programme. One of their main challenges is around engaging learners throughout the region. A whole range of wonderful initiatives have been employed, ranging from soup and smoothie making (with Rishi Sunak) right through to online learning.

Rishi and the Multiply team at North Yorkshire

The Multiply team were looking for something really simple to use with their learners in order to build their confidence in numeracy and progress to further learning. They also wanted a resource that could be accessed easily through marketing campaigns in the community and on buses, directing people straight into learning. 

CENTURY provided the perfect solution. Learners were able to access it via their mobile phones, using the QR codes the team had embedded into posters. Dashboards on the platform identified those who had completed two hours of usage. These learners were then contacted to go through a formal enrolment and progress further.


Lois Calvert, Multiply Development Manager, commented, “The results have been fantastic, with 80% of learners going on to study further, which is exactly what Multiply is all about. We’ve seen improved learner outcomes, increased confidence and high levels of engagement. Parents supporting their children with maths also find the courses invaluable. I think it’s a fantastic platform and would recommend everyone that needs to develop their skills has a look at it.”

To learn more about how CENTURY can support your Multiply programme delivery, click here. To learn more about North Yorkshire’s Multiply initiatives, click here.