How CENTURY’s Smart IA keeps learners at TrainPlus on track

Posted on 10th July 2024

Posted by CENTURY

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Teacher and students looking at CENTURY data in the learner dashboard

TrainPlus, a training provider supporting the delivery of apprenticeships, is committed to providing quality bespoke training that meets the needs of both individuals and organisations. We spoke to Harvey Sparks, IT Security Officer at TrainPlus, to hear about the benefits of using CENTURY’s Smart IA, our online adaptive initial assessments, to identify learners’ strengths and areas for improvement to ensure they are working on the appropriate course. 

How user friendly have you found Smart IA?

Smart IA has improved the efficiency of administering initial assessments. The speedy onboarding process allows learners to start studying on an appropriate course straightaway. The IA is easy to use, and very user friendly. The results are easy to view and the ability to organise results into cohorts helps massively.

Have your learners found the CENTURY Smart IA straightforward to use?

We have had no complaints from our learners who have been enrolled onto CENTURY. All learners have been able to log on and complete their IA independently, which shows it’s a user friendly system.


How does CENTURY compare to your previous approach to carrying out initial assessments?

Our old system for carrying out initial assessments was paper-based. This process was a much more lengthy and hard to manage task compared to the current system on CENTURY.

How has your experience been with the customer success team at CENTURY?

The support has been great. All my outstanding queries have been attended to in a fast manner. Any issues have been resolved hastily and effectively.

How does your organisation find CENTURY’s data dashboards?

The data on the nuggets completed within the courses provide a detailed breakdown of how learners are progressing. I really like the way that the Learner Dashboard displays the learner’s strengths, weaknesses, and focus to improve nuggets based on their performance. This helps our tutors prioritise certain topics and tailor further study to best suit the learner and help them improve.

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