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Content overview

CENTURY has seamlessly integrated captivating BBC shows into our award-winning teaching and learning platform. Now your students can embark on an awe-inspiring journey, immersing themselves in the breathtaking beauty of our planet's most remarkable habitats, examining its history and even exploring the solar system.

Created by the world-renowned BBC team using the latest technology to capture the wonders of the natural world. The courses uncover the latest scientific discoveries made in collaboration with scientists across the globe, presented by legendary BBC experts such as Sir David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox.

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Available courses

Over 50 hours of video content that brings to life concepts and phenomena covered in natural history, human history and science curricula in an engaging way. Eleven courses from the BBC Bitesize Learning Collection that include over 600 micro-lessons with high-quality videos and over 3000 self-marking questions:

  • Blue Planet II
  • Planet Earth II
  • Deadly Dinosaurs
  • Animal Babies
  • The Planets
  • Frozen Planet
  • Ancient Worlds
  • History of the World
  • Brian Cox's Adventures in Space and Time
  • Secrets of Skin
  • The World's Most Extraordinary People

With more exciting content coming soon!

Download the full course overview document below. 

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For students

  • Access to over 600 micro-lessons that bring the wonders of the world to life and allow students to dive deeper into content they love on topics such as oceans, animals, dinosaurs, outer space, anicent history, the human body and some of the most amazing places on our planet

  • Students can test their knowledge at the end of each micro-lesson with formative assessments that their teachers can view to provide credit for the work they are doing

  • Students receive tailored feedback at the end of each micro-lesson to help them improve and expand their knowledge

  • They can use their Student Dashboard to monitor performance, identify where they’re doing well and where they can revisit content to learn more

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For teachers

  • Over 50 hours of high-quality supplemental learning micro-lessons focused on natural history, human history and science. Suitable for upper primary and secondary students

  • Teachers can assign micro-lessons to students for both in-class or home study that will excite and engage them

  • Teachers can monitor student engagement and performance with easy-to-use data dashboards that highlight strengths and areas for improvement

  • All micro-lessons are automatically marked and include helpful feedback for students

  • Parents can rest assured that their children are interfacing with a vetted, highly curated content library that is enriching their education 

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Annual subscription starts at £1400 per school.

Subscription includes access to all BBC courses, setup and reporting. Costs vary according to school size, with multi-year and multi-school discounts available, as well as discounts for existing CENTURY customers.

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