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CENTURY in Malindi, Kenya

We recently teamed up with Make a Difference Onlus to launch CENTURY at the Learning Hub School in Malinidi, Kenya.

Founded in 2015, the school currently hosts around 175 students, some of whom are orphans.

Implementation and training took place in under two weeks and the platform was swiftly launched with students in Years 5 and 6 in English, maths and science.

The CENTURY platform is used to assess students' strengths and areas for improvement, providing immediate feedback and data for teachers to review. CENTURY's auto-marking is another benefit for teachers, saving them valuable time.

The Learning Hub has also been making use of the Resource Hub for classroom resources.

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Alongside our supporting partners, The Turing Trust and Belmont, Mill Hill Prep School, we've been working with two schools in Malawi - Robert Laws and Atsikana Pa Ulendo - since February 2023, helping improve learner outcomes with devices courtesy of the Turing Trust, access to the internet thanks to Belmont, Mill Hill Prep School, and the use of our technology.

At Robert Laws, CENTURY has helped increase student engagement, and it is now the top ranked school in district examinations. Students have benefited from internet access for researching assignments and coding projects.

At Atsikana, teachers have benefited from a reduced workload, easily interacting with students in the classroom and beyond.

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