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CENTURY pilots

Experience the power of CENTURY's personalised teaching and learning in your school today by requesting a free, no-obligation pilot run by our experienced team

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What does a CENTURY pilot look like?

Every pilot looks a little different depending on your setting, your student population and what specifically you're looking to get out of CENTURY.

The details on this page are guidelines for a typical pilot; however, we understand that no school is the same, so we're always happy to adapt to the needs of your setting.

We want to make sure that you get the best out of CENTURY so let us know if there's something specific that you require.

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Key details

Duration: 4 weeks

Size: select cohort of students depending on the size of your school

Commitment: there is no charge for a CENTURY pilot, however to ensure your school has the best possible pilot experience, it does require a certain amount of enthusiasm and commitment

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What to expect from us

  • Bespoke pilot plan for your school
  • Dedicated pilot manager to guide you through every step of the way
  • Full access to all of our content for your selected classes and year groups
  • Full staff training and ongoing support for the duration of your pilot
  • Regular usage data reports

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