3 easy steps to addressing lost learning with CENTURY

Identify and plug gaps in learning with our personalised learning platform.

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Getting your students back on track with CENTURY

Every student will have had their learning disrupted by Covid-19 closures, leaving teachers with the enormous task of addressing a wide range of learning gaps.

CENTURY can help to ease the load on teachers, allowing them to rapidly tackle lost learning while freeing up time to focus on student wellbeing and delivering a broad curriculum.

1. Instantly identifies every student's unique gaps in learning

CENTURY's diagnostics identify your students' gaps in knowledge and areas of strength.

Data from these assessments allows CENTURY to recommend the best micro-lessons for your every learner to study next so that they can make progress quickly.

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3. Provides personalised feedback and powerful teacher data

As students complete work, they receive question and micro-lesson feedback on where they went wrong and how to improve. Teachers can monitor individual student's and whole-class performance, view specific answers and identify class trends.

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