CENTURY featured in The Times

Posted on 7th December 2021

Posted by CENTURY


CENTURY and CEO Founder Priya Lakhani recently featured in The Times' article 'The AI revolution can supercharge learning in school', which explored the benefits adaptive technology can offer teachers and pupils.

To find out how CENTURY is supporting schools, columnist Rachel Sylvester spoke with Laura James, the Principal at St John's Church of England Primary School, a Quest Trust school in Wigan: “It enhances education. It’s like having a personal tutor for each child and the parents like it for that reason. For the children, it's really made a difference. There's no wasted time. They can learn at any time and in any place."

One pupil at the school added that it "definitely helped with my learning", with another saying "the best thing about it is that it challenges you to go further and faster".

Sharon Bruton, Chief Executive of the Trust, commented that the impact on outcomes at all five of the Quest Trust schools using CENTURY has been "astonishing", adding that "we have seen progress well above what we would previously have expected".

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