CENTURY Tech partners with the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) to innovate the assessment sector

Posted on 17th May 2022

Posted by CENTURY


We are delighted to announce the formation of a long-term strategic partnership with the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) - the leading provider of examinations and assessments for pupils transitioning from prep and junior schools to senior schools, including the 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance (CE) assessments.

Combining our complementary sets of expertise, we will be working together to develop and deliver a range of innovative, holistic education and assessment products, underpinned by scientific research and utilising world-leading technologies, designed to help teachers and learners succeed.

The partnership between ISEB and CENTURY Tech is fuelled by a shared vision: to make intelligent and innovative educational tools widely accessible to improve outcomes for all children. 

By harnessing ISEB’s heritage and expertise in assessment design, and CENTURY Tech’s award-winning AI learning technologies, we are uniquely placed to develop assessment products that support the progression of pupils not only in the UK, but globally.

Among the first collaborations will be a series of improvements to ISEB’s Common Pre-Tests, the set of adaptive online admissions tests taken by pupils as part of their application to independent senior schools in the UK. These will focus on enhancing the user experience, improving accessibility for different learning needs, and broadening the data and insights available to schools on pupils’ skills and abilities. 

Further initiatives between the two companies will be announced in the coming months.

Julia Martin, ISEB CEO, said: “We are extremely excited and proud to be partnering with CENTURY Tech. Our partnership isn’t about creating just one new test, it’s about exploring the innovative use of cutting-edge education technologies to transform education and assessment for the future.”

Priya Lakhani, our Founder CEO, said: “We are excited to bring our experience in building cutting-edge technology in the learning and assessment space to our partnership with ISEB. The sector has been loud and clear about their expectations for the future of assessment technology, and we are proud to make this a reality with ISEB.”     

Further information about the partnership and the latest updates to the Common Pre-Tests is available on ISEB’s new website.