CENTURY welcomes Sir Tony Blair and Lord Hague’s report recommendation on the use of AI in the classroom

Posted on 22nd February 2023

Posted by CENTURY

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CENTURY welcomes the report published today by The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change entitled 'A New National Purpose: Innovation Can Power the Future of Britain' that highlights the important role of AI in education. Backed by Sir Tony Blair and Lord William Hague, the report recommends the rollout of edtech in schools and highlights the work CENTURY has done over the years with its school partners across the world. 

The report says: ‘One AI-powered teaching and learning platform, from UK startup CENTURY, has already been found to cut workloads by an average of six hours a week, freeing up time for teachers and social workers to focus their attention on supporting children while spending less on paperwork. Meanwhile, by expanding access to intelligent tutoring systems, disadvantaged children can be supported to better compete with their privately tutored peers and “disrupt the shadow education system”.’

For nearly a decade, CENTURY has worked with schools and colleges in the UK and beyond to bring transformation into the classrooms and make high-quality learning accessible to everyone. Read the below customer stories to learn how: