Get ready for the ISEB Pre-Tests with new mock tests on Bond Online Premium Plus

Posted on 7th November 2023

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To help your child excel in their ISEB Pre-Test preparation, we are excited to introduce our new mock tests feature for Bond Online Premium Plus customers. 

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about mock tests, how to use them effectively, and how they should be an essential part of your child’s exam prep routine.

ISEB mock tests on Bond Online Premium Plus

Mock tests are now available exclusively for Bond Online Premium Plus subscribers. They cover all four subjects included in the ISEB Pre-Tests: English, maths, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. This ensures that your child can gauge their exam readiness in each area, get lots of practice to familiarise themselves with each test, and use their results to guide the next steps of their revision. 

As the only ISEB-endorsed test practice platform, our mock tests are tailored specifically for the Pre-Tests, with questions designed and endorsed by ISEB. The mock test experience is closely aligned with the real exams, ensuring your child gets the most authentic practice experience possible.

As a guardian, you can now set up to eight mock tests for your learner each month. This limit refreshes at the start of each billing cycle, allowing for consistent and effective practice in the lead up to the ISEB Pre-Tests. 

How to set up mock tests

  1. Log in to your Guardian account, then select the learner that you want to assign a mock test to.

  2. Click on ‘Assign mock test’ next to your learner. Here, you can choose the subject(s) for which you would like to assign mock tests. Each learner has a limit of eight mock tests per month, but guardians are allowed flexibility to decide which subjects your learner should focus on. 
  3. Once you’ve assigned the mock tests, they will appear on the homepage of your learner’s account.

For more detailed instructions, you can also refer to our mock test quick start guide.

Checking mock test results

Once your child has completed a mock test, you will be able to access their results immediately. Simply log into your guardian account and access the dashboard for your learner. Click on the Mock Tests tab to see your learner’s stanine score for each test they have completed.

What is a stanine score?

A stanine (standard nine) score tells you how well your learner has performed in  comparison to others taking this mock test. A stanine score of 5 is the average score that 20% of learners will get. A score of 9 is the hardest to get as only the top 4% of the cohort can achieve that.

Tip: Analysing mock test results can be incredibly useful in shaping your child’s exam prep. Targeting areas they need more practice in can be crucial to success.

We are continually working to provide additional insights on mock tests, so expect even more valuable data to help your learner prepare effectively very soon.

Using mock tests for the best results

Using mock tests effectively can be a great way to prepare for the ISEB Pre-Tests in combination with other learning materials. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions around mock tests to help you and your child get started:

How long do the mock tests take to complete?

As the mock tests are aligned with the timing of the real tests, the timer within each test lasts as follows:

  • English – 40 minutes
  • Maths – 40 minutes
  • Verbal reasoning – 25 minutes
  • Non-verbal reasoning – 30 minutes

How often should my child be completing mock tests?

In the weeks leading up to the ISEB Pre-Tests, we recommend that your child complete two mock tests per week. Consistent practice in the months before the actual Pre-Tests is a tried-and-true approach. After each test, review the results together and target areas that need improvement.

How would mock tests help my child’s Pre-Tests preparation?

The mock tests are designed to closely reflect the real ISEB Pre-Tests, including the interface, settings, timer, and more. This provides an excellent opportunity for your child to become comfortable with the exam environment. Not only can this boost their confidence, but it can also help reduce stress and help them focus on test day.

What is the most effective way to use mock tests?

To start with, we recommend completing the first few tests in a relaxed setting to get your child familiar with the mock tests. This could mean doing an ‘open book’ test or guiding them through the questions if they require support. 

As your child becomes more confident, start completing the mock tests in exam-like conditions, avoiding distractions and enforcing proper time management. Since the mock tests on Bond Online Premium Plus closely mirror the actual tests, this practice can help build good exam habits by the time your child sits the real exams. 

How can we incorporate mock tests into our revision routine?

Mock tests should be used alongside other revision methods, such as the learning materials on Bond Online Premium Plus, to provide a well-rounded study plan, and not as a standalone test practice tool. 

After preparing your child’s study plan, we recommend adjusting it as you go to focus on weaker areas based on their mock test results. Your child can then go into the Test Practice area in their learner account to practise their chosen topics using Test nuggets and Checkpoint nuggets

Mock tests provide an excellent alternative to ISEB practice papers. With questions developed by ISEB, they ensure the highest accuracy and alignment with the actual Pre-Tests.

For more insights on using Bond Online Premium Plus for ISEB Pre-Test preparation, read more here.

Activate your free 7-day trial of Bond Online Premium Plus today to start incorporating mock tests into your child’s ISEB Pre-Test preparation. We wish you and your learner the best of luck in their upcoming exams!