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Posted on 1st December 2023

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Learning and revising at home is a key part of most children’s educational journey. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of learning outside the classroom, picking the right tools and building a routine can be challenging. Using smart learning platforms like CENTURY Core simplifies this process, making home education manageable and more meaningful. 

This article covers how you and your child can use CENTURY Core to support home learning, whether that is to revise for an upcoming test, refresh what they’ve learnt in school that week, or even to stay on top of their class throughout the year.

What is CENTURY Core?

CENTURY Core is an AI-powered learning tool tailored for learners in Key Stages 2 – 4. The platform adapts to your child’s learning style and provides personalised recommendations of micro-lessons, or nuggets, on the platform. In addition, it provides actionable insights for parents to easily monitor their child’s progress.

Learn more about CENTURY Core here.

How to fit CENTURY Core into your child’s home learning routine

On average, CENTURY Core users complete nine nuggets per week, making it a manageable yet impactful addition to their routine. We recommend spending up to 60 minutes weekly on the platform. Divide their time on CENTURY into two or more sessions, making it much easier to slot in a nugget or two after school or on weekends.

To keep the routine consistent, craft a study plan based on your child’s school syllabus. Teachers are often willing to provide high-level learning guides to aid this, which can help to seamlessly integrate CENTURY Core into your child’s educational journey.

Where to start with CENTURY Core

Start your child’s CENTURY journey with Diagnostics, which allows the platform to gauge their current level of understanding. These insights then power the Recommended Pathway, which adjust based on your child’s performance to show the next best nugget to work on. 

The Recommended Pathway displays nuggets to meet different goals, such as to fill knowledge gaps, or refresh on a previously learned topic. Each nugget is always labelled with a goal, so you know why your child is being recommended each one.

Nugget types on CENTURY Core

Alternatively, encourage your child to focus on topics covered at school. This not only reinforces their classroom learning, but also embeds this knowledge into their long-term memory. 

Keeping track of your child’s progress

The Guardian Dashboard within CENTURY Core offers a comprehensive overview of your child’s performance. From high-level nugget recommendations to granular feedback on individual questions, the Dashboard provides insights to identify where your child is excelling and which areas need extra attention.

Once your child has made enough progress, the platform will also generate additional recommendations for nuggets to stretch their abilities with, or to focus on in order to improve performance in other nuggets.

The Dashboard is also a great way to monitor your child’s usage, as it shows when your child has been active and which nuggets they have recently been working on. This can allow you to oversee their work as needed, while encouraging independent learning for your child at home. 

Motivating your child to build a CENTURY habit

Motivation is key to a successful home learning routine, and CENTURY Core incorporates a gamified element to keep learners engaged. Achievement badges and streaks on the platform provide a fun and encouraging way for your child to complete challenges and strive for continuous improvement. Learn more about the research behind effective gamification on CENTURY here.

Initiate a fun challenge to kickstart your child’s CENTURY habit, such as aiming to achieve three badges in their first week. For a more extended commitment, print out stickers and posters to explore the Mythic Path – an epic journey to unlock mythical creatures and fantastical worlds through completing nuggets on CENTURY.

Revising for exams with CENTURY Core

As exams approach, CENTURY Core seamlessly transitions into an exam preparation tool. Our learning material for years 3 to 11 aligns with the English national curriculum, making it a great resource to revise for upcoming exams. 

For GCSE students, learning content catering to specific exam boards are also readily available for targeted exam preparation, including AQA, Edexcel, and Cambridge. 

We recommend increasing your child’s time on the platform in the weeks leading up to their exams from 60 minutes to 2-3 hours per week. If you are familiar with the topics they might struggle with, focus on those nuggets to build their confidence, or use the Recommended Pathway as a guide.

Is your child taking grammar school or independent school entrance exams? You might be interested in Bond Online Premium or Bond Online Premium Plus, our products developed in collaboration with Bond and ISEB which provide exam-style questions and mock tests for the 11 plus exam and ISEB Pre-Tests.


CENTURY Core is a versatile and intelligent companion to your child’s home learning. As parents, fostering a CENTURY habit not only supports academic growth but also instils a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. Find out more about CENTURY Core here and start your 7 day free trial today.