How CENTURY is enhancing learning at Rutlish School

Posted on 1st June 2022

Posted by CENTURY


Rutlish School is a state comprehensive school for boys located in southwest London. We caught up with Head of Physics Helen Ryan to find out how her school is using CENTURY, and the impact that it is having on students and staff.

What initially prompted you to choose CENTURY for your school?

I was looking for tools that would allow students to fill their individual gaps in their knowledge. I recalled having seen something on TV about the use of AI in teaching, which prompted me to dig into the topic, and this led to me finding CENTURY.

When and how is CENTURY integrated into learning?

We mostly use CENTURY as a homework tool. In terms of how this works, we assign the relevant diagnostics for students whenever we start a new topic, and once this has been completed, their personalised pathways will adapt and direct them to the content that they personally need to cover. We supplement the pathway by selecting individual nuggets for them based on what we have observed in their lessons that students might need extra support. 

We also use CENTURY in cover lessons where there is not a specialist teacher available, and some teachers choose to use it in their lessons by getting students to independently watch the video in a nugget and then bringing the class together to work through the questions collaboratively.

What do teachers and students think of the platform?

There was initially a bit of skepticism among teachers about switching to a new product because they were so used to using a different platform, but CENTURY’s ability to respond to the needs of the learner and the ease with which we can analyse students’ results quickly won them over. Teachers have commented that the Teacher Dashboard is particularly invaluable in allowing them to monitor students’ progress and target interventions.

Students have also responded well to the platform. The more they engage with it, the more useful they find it. Our weaker learners in particular have found it easy to use as the information is presented very clearly.

How did you find the onboarding process and ongoing support?

It was really straightforward. The initial training provided was very clear and gave our team a clear idea of what could be achieved using the software.

The support has also been great. Whenever we have had any issues, the team has been very responsive and quick to resolve them. It’s really helpful having an Account Manager who directly handles our account, and she has been really effective at helping us to figure out both what we want to ultimately achieve with the platform and how we can get to where we want to be with it.

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