How Palladio School is using CENTURY to reduce workload and improve student performance

Posted on 22nd November 2023

Posted by CENTURY

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Palladio School is one of the oldest private schools in Athens, Greece. Palladio teaches the Greek curriculum and serves children at kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary levels from ages 3 to 18. We spoke to Irene Vargianiti, Palladio’s deputy head, about their first year using CENTURY.


We are always trying to implement methods and tools to make a difference for our students. We were looking at different platforms that use data to enhance teaching. We chose CENTURY because it has an individual pathway for every student. It also provides immediate feedback that helps students to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and saves teachers being overloaded with work.

We are happy to work with an ambitious company like CENTURY. The onboarding process was really well-planned and organised. CENTURY’s assistance made everything very easy for us. The teachers were onboarded a month before the students, so we had plenty of time for training and to become used to the platform. When we were ready, we onboarded three classes from primary school at the start of the school year. The ongoing support is really great too. CENTURY is here by our side whenever, always there to assist us and find a way to work things out.

How do you use it?

At first we used CENTURY for homework in English, but for maths and science we only used it in class. Now that we are more confident, we use it once a week in class and for homework. To ensure CENTURY courses align as closely as possible to the Greek curriculum, work is set using the Planner or Assignments as required, and courses are adapted so students can make use of the AI-powered Recommended Pathway. We are participating more confidently in CENTURY's competitions, and we are still learning so in the next school year we can implement it even better. The students and teachers find the AI recommendations very helpful. The teachers use this data to assign different types of exercise to each student that needs help.

What feedback have you had from teachers and students?

The teachers have found that CENTURY saves time and reduces workload. After implementation we asked students and teachers to fill an online questionnaire to assess CENTURY. The remarks were very positive about the platform. The teachers are happy because they get immediate insight on a student's performance and data. In every class, we measure success on the performance of the students. We have seen improvements mostly in student engagement and performance in class, because CENTURY is something different for them. They really like it. In the questionnaire, the students were excited that they have something different from their books to use, they find it easy to navigate, and more like a game. The teachers feel that CENTURY is helping the students.

What are your plans going forward with CENTURY?

During our science fair, we presented CENTURY to parents and they are looking forward to learning more. We ran a four-week pilot of CENTURY in the secondary school for English, maths and science. The teachers incorporated it into their lessons and it was successful. We have now rolled out and launched those subjects fully in Junior High School Grades 1 and 2 (equivalent to Years 8 and 9).

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