How the School of Research Science is using CENTURY to reduce teacher workload

Posted on 21st February 2023

Posted by CENTURY

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The School of Research Science (SRS) is a forward-looking international all-through school in Dubai. They teach the English national curriculum to over 3,700 students from nursery through the Year 13.

In September 2022, SRS hosted a joint event with CENTURY where Edel Quigley, Science Lead Practitioner, spoke about the impact CENTURY has had on teacher workload and students’ retention of knowledge at SRS.

The biggest win is teacher workload. CENTURY has had a massive - and I mean to say massive - positive effect on the workload here at SRS. On CENTURY the nuggets which we set for homework are automatically corrected. This year alone, we had nearly 2 million questions answered on CENTURY. That's 2 million questions that I did not have to correct.

I teach around 100 students. Previously, I would have spent about an hour per class every week on homework assignments - about four or five hours in total. Now, I spend about 30 minutes on data analysis every week in total, so that’s nearly four or five hours saved. It has been amazing for reducing workloads.

We now use CENTURY to help implement Ebbinghaus’ “forgetting curve” theory to help with our students' retention, and to ensure that our content is taught and revisited really regularly.  We wanted to know exactly where our students were with their prior knowledge and we wanted to alleviate some of the time constraints. Doing this allowed us and the teachers to identify exactly where they needed to start, and allowed us to go into deeper learning and, therefore, greater knowledge retention. 

The AI and the dashboard is amazing for both the higher ability students and the students that might have a small gap in their knowledge. It makes sure the students who may have missed something because of online learning were catching up, and it was also stretching and challenging our higher ability students. 

One of our teachers said: “It gave instant analytic information for us and our students. It provides the students with a platform to build resilience. With each nugget attempted, teachers can track and monitor the effectiveness of the planned homework assignments throughout the cycle. It allows me to monitor the deviation in average scores between the boys and the girls as I teach on both sides.”

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