Introducing the CENTURY Ambassador Network

Posted on 23rd March 2021

Posted by Fergus Hamilton


One of the privileges of my role as Head of Customer Success here at CENTURY is to see how schools and colleges take our technology and translate it to real learning in real schools with real students and teachers across the world. Over the years we’ve built up great relationships with our committed educators, who have been just as important to the development of CENTURY as our own teachers and our engineers.

We are now taking this a step further by launching the CENTURY Ambassador Network. Via this network, enthusiastic users from across our diverse portfolio of schools and colleges will be able to come together to share their experiences using our technology across many facets of the world of education.

Our users have never been passive ‘customers’ buying a product. They inspire us, teach us and guide the direction of our company. Luckily for us we have a fantastic user base who consistently bring their creativity and passion for education to the fore. I think often of the occasions I’ve observed teachers using the platform in the classroom and how they have made the platform really their own. It’s exciting to bring such professionals together.

Time and again we learn that there are no silver bullets in education. High quality content and AI can only have their power realised with teachers and leaders with the expertise in implementation and integrating with their existing plans and schemes. Our users are the true experts on this.

We have already hosted now-members of this community in events focussed on different sectors. Members have exchanged notes on integrating learning tools with efforts on mental health. Our international schools have discussed how to maintain continuity with rapidly shifting classes as families were uprooted during different stages of lockdown. 

Our Ambassador Network is all about enthusiasts who want to collaborate and come on the journey with us. There are no gimmicks and certainly no kick-backs. What we offer are a variety of opportunities to participate in high-quality events, and a seat at the table with our team as the platform continues to grow and develop.

If you are as excited as we are about the potential for edtech to transform the experiences of students and teachers, and want to be more involved, let us know through your CENTURY account manager.