Our Founder CEO Priya Lakhani’s interview with The Times and The Sunday Times

Posted on 14th July 2022

Posted by CENTURY


"If you want to level up, and if you want Britain to maintain its position in the world in a post-Brexit and post-Covid environment, you have to have a long term plan for education.

We need to ensure that our children, that our graduates, that those coming out of the Further Education sector, those apprentices, or those with technical levels that we're getting so excited about, that they have the skills to be able to take on the roles in 2030, because we know the world is changing."

On Tuesday, our Founder CEO Priya Lakhani was interviewed by Matthew Gwyther, Columnist for The Times and The Sunday Times, about the future of education in the UK and how the use of advanced technology like AI and data analytics can support the levelling up agenda. 

Hear Priya discuss: 

  • The founding story of CENTURY Tech
  • How our AI-powered technology is helping to personalise learning for every student  
  • Why we need to rethink the current curriculum approach to ensure children are developing the skills they need for the future
  • Why a strong culture of entrepreneurism and innovation is key to the UK’s continued success on a global stage

Watch a recording of the interview here.