Six months to go until the 11+

Posted on 17th March 2023

Posted by CENTURY

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Preparing for exams can be a daunting task. Here is our CENTURY guide for the six months remaining until the 11+ exam. Remember: all learners are different, some will learn more with test practice revision, others will prefer completing more learning material based revision, so you can adapt or tweak this guide where necessary to best support your child. One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to establish a routine to practice regularly.

  • We recommend a study routine of four 30-minute sessions every week on Bond Online Premium or Bond Online Premium Plus. Your child can begin working through the learning nuggets on their personalised pathway. These nuggets will be recommended by the AI to target specific areas that require more attention. The pathway constantly updates based upon your child’s current progress, so the recommendations will always be up to date. They even update when your child works through any of the test nuggets in the Test Practice area.
  • Spend time on each subject. It can be tempting to practice more of the subjects you like or are best at, but we recommend your child spends time practicing each subject tested, whether your child’s exams include all four or only two. Bond Online Premium offers a wide range of practice materials covering topics such as English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
  • Use mock tests and Checkpoint Nuggets as practice exams. These check readiness for the exam. In the exam, they will have on average one minute per question. Although the mock tests are timed, we recommend that your child uses a timer when completing Checkpoint nuggets. Encouraging your child to track their progress in their Learner Dashboard, focusing on ‘Strengths’ and ‘Areas for Improvement’ that can boost their confidence and performance.
  • Don’t forget to rest! Exam preparation is hard work. As you approach the exam, support your child to keep up with their routine, but avoid overworking as that can lead to fatigue or anxiety. 

In the final stretch, it is important to focus on getting the right balance. All the preparation taken in the last six months will put your child in the best possible position to take the assessment.

Here is a printable poster with our step-by-step guide: Six months to go until the 11+.

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