Tes investigates AI in education

Posted on 31st May 2018

Posted by CENTURY


Are robots going to steal your job? Unlikely, but AI does have the potential to transform the way we view education, how teachers teach and how everyone in schools behaves.

Artificial Intelligence is often conceptualised as a smart robot that can speak and perform tasks (think Alicia Viksander in Ex Machina). In reality, AI is an algorithm: a set of rules that a computer follows. Artificial intelligence can perform complex tasks, and machine learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence, learns to do tasks better the more the program does them. AI is a type of technology, and you can find it in apps like Spotify (which uses AI to create Discover Weekly playlists) and Amazon.

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AI is definitely not here to replace teachers! It’s here to take the heavy-lifting out of teaching so teachers can do more of what they love: teach.