Using CENTURY to get learners back on track over summer

Posted on 24th June 2021

Posted by Cleopatra Darwish


The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have massively disrupted learning and its delivery. The UK government is investing £1.4bn in a long-term recovery package, while £200 million is being invested in a face-to-face summer schools programme aiming to support secondary pupils preparing for the next academic year. On top of this, schools will be doing everything they can to ensure that every child can maximise their potential.

Throughout this turbulent period, the team at CENTURY has worked hard to adapt and support schools with the challenges of learning during a pandemic. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the journey to recovering this lost learning will be long, but CENTURY will continue to support all teachers and students this summer.

We are aware that students might not be taught or have lessons with their regular teacher during summer school, and the teaching staff available might not be especially familiar with the content. We thought it would be helpful to outline the different ways CENTURY can be used as an intelligent learning tool to assist teachers and students over the summer.

1. Quickly identify gaps in learning with diagnostics 

CENTURY’s diagnostics can be used to map a student's initial levels of understanding rapidly, accurately identifying any gaps in knowledge. Diagnostic assessments can be used to assess a student’s current level and provide teachers with rich data so they can efficiently create meaningful intervention plans.

CENTURY automates the tasks best suited for machines – like marking and data gathering – allowing teachers to spend less time identifying issues and more time addressing them. 

2. Auto-marking and personalised learning 

Our personalised learning platform can get students back on track in English, Maths and Science while also reducing teacher workload – it’s not magic, it's our artificial intelligence. 

CENTURY’s recommendation engine can swiftly identify a student’s strengths and areas for improvement in real time – teachers do not have to lose precious time in the summer marking, as everything on CENTURY is automarked, and that data is readily available to support teachers to address any issues or misconceptions.

Students can complete work through their personalised recommended pathway, which constantly adapts to ensure the learner is being sufficiently challenged, while also reinforcing  previously learned material thanks to the pathway’s memory boost feature. 

The personalised pathway recommends the best micro-lessons for students to study next, enabling them to learn independently in a supported way; this allows non-specialist teachers to effectively help teach core subjects when specialist teachers are not available.

3. Ready-made resources available at the click of a button 

CENTURY’s in-house curriculum team of former teachers and subject experts has created a large amount of resources readily available for Maths, English and Science for years 3-16, aligned to the national curriculum and exam boards. We have done all the groundwork to provide teachers with accessible videos, images and slides, which they can utilise as ready-made resources for their lessons. 

The available resources will be particularly beneficial for staff members unfamiliar with subject specific content, as they can use the learning material as part of their teacher instruction in class. 

Students can also work independently. If the data reveals an issue that needs to be dealt with at a whole-class level, our ready-made resources can support with these types of interventions.

CENTURY is an excellent resource tool for the summer to help reduce staff workload by having resources available at the click of a button allowing educators to reallocate that time planning to concentrating on the students.

4. Class settling and stretching activities 

Beyond the core curriculum, verbal and non-verbal reasoning courses are available for students to use. While initially designed for students preparing for the 11+, common entrance exams and CAT4 assessments, these courses can also be used more generally as puzzles and critical thinking for any student who may benefit from an extra challenge outside of the curriculum, making them excellent class settling and stretching activities.

Additionally, to add even more variety during the summer period, The CENTURY Lab courses available on the platform are engaging extra-curricular activities introducing students to concepts from the worlds of business and neuroscience.

This summer, CENTURY’s AI-powered learning tools will help you to improve outcomes, close gaps in learning, expand teacher capability, and elevate the summer school experience in a fun, student-friendly way. 

Learn more about how CENTURY can help your students to thrive this summer.