Privacy Notice

PRIVACY NOTICE – Summary of updates effective as of 1st May 2024

CENTURY Tech has updated its Privacy Notice. We have summarised here a guide to the key changes.

When does the update take effect?

  • The updates apply from 1 May 2024.
  • Any use of CENTURY Tech website or platform after this date will be subject to the updated Privacy Notice.

To whom does the Privacy Notice apply?

  • The Privacy Notice and all updates apply to all those who use the CENTURY Tech service, whether via a school or other educational establishment (for example as a teacher or student, or sometimes parents), and those who sign up directly with us and have their own subscription and account (for example as a parent/ guardian, tutor or child).
  • The Privacy Notice applies differently to different types of user in different ways, but we explain this in detail in the Privacy Notice.

Why has the Privacy Notice been updated?

  • The data privacy and data security of all our users is of primary importance to CENTURY Tech. We want to make sure that we explain what data we use and how, as clearly as possible, so we wanted to refresh the notice to achieve this.
  • And there are also a few new ways that we will be using your personal data – to improve your experience of our services, and to improve our ability to provide and expand our services.
  • Overall we have improved the layout and the clarity about to whom it applies, and how it applies differently to different people at different times.
  • SECTION 8 of the new notice in particular covers full detail of how we use your personal data, and includes some new sections about Insight and Analysis, and Advertising and Marketing.

How has the Privacy Notice been updated or improved?

The key updates or improvements are in the following Sections.

  • SECTION 2: clarifies who we are and our role either as a Data Processor – for those accessing and using the service via your school or other organisation (who will be the Data Controller in this situation); or when we act as a Data Controller – for those who sign up directly with us and have their own subscription and account.
  • SECTION 4: provides a clear summary of the different types of user of the service that we refer to at different times, such as Teacher, Student, Parent, Guardian, Tutor and other Children.
  • SECTION 5: makes clear that the relevant educational establishment/Teacher or Parent/Guardian or Tutor is responsible for providing Students’ and Children’s personal data, and therefore providing the necessary permission on their behalf.
  • SECTION 6: clarifies the types of data collected or received by Century Tech and from whom we collect / receive it.
  • SECTION 7: confirms the methods by which we collect or receive different types of users’ data.
  • SECTION 8:
    • this is a key section that now contains in one place full detail of how we use your personal data, including transparency on which types of data, relating to which group of users, are used for what types of purpose.
    • we also set out here the legal basis that we have for processing your data in this way.
    • in particular, Section 8 adds important updates and new subsections about our use of certain types of data for Insight and Analysis (this applies to all types of user), and Advertising and Marketing (this only applies to Teachers/Staff, Parents/Guardians and Tutors).
  • SECTION 9: provides important clarity about who we share data with, whether that be the relevant educational establishments, Parents/Guardians or Tutors, or with third party suppliers who help us run the service.
  • SECTION 13: clarifies for how long we keep your data.
  • SECTION 16: summarises in one place important details about your rights, how to contact us and how to make a complaint.

You can download and read the new Privacy Notice in full below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

We have also created a new Cookie Notice which you can view here.