Secondary science on CENTURY

“There is a real sense that CENTURY is teaching for understanding rather than just ticking boxes.”

Expert Subject Evaluator, Association for Science Education (ASE)

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Curriculum coverage

CENTURY’s content library contains comprehensive KS3 and GCSE AQA Combined Science coverage, which is rapidly growing to cover the full suite of AQA Science GCSEs. All of the content has been created by our team of science teachers, who have over 130 years of combined teaching experience.

Download the curriculum map to see the full list of our ASE approved Science courses, as well as an overview of the topics each course covers.

Download science curriculum overview

CENTURY learning content

Every topic on CENTURY is broken down into micro-lessons that present learning content in an engaging way. Each micro-lesson contains a video, a slideshow and a range of formative assessment questions, allowing students to test their knowledge while they are learning.

As students complete micro-lessons, they encounter a range of question types and receive personalised feedback to help them progress.

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