JESS Dubai

Added on 09/12/19

Testimonial by Mark S. Steed, Director

JESS Dubai is an international school in Dubai, UAE, recognised internationally as a beacon of best practice when it comes to digital learning. Mark S. Steed, Director, and Luke Rees, Assistant Head, tell CENTURY how our intelligent intervention tool is helping children to thrive at JESS.

We prepare every student with the skills for a future where they will be required to think first, use information second and always remember that information is no substitute for imagination, intuition and pure thought.

65% of today’s students will have jobs that don’t exist yet. Our students are afforded a wide range of learning opportunities that allow them to develop 21st century skills and empower them for the future workplace.

CENTURY is an increasingly important tool within our teaching resources, helping the school to identify gaps in learning whilst using AI to direct students to relevant learning materials. The platform delivers a level of accuracy in assessments that is supported and extended by teachers.

A simple analysis of CENTURY’s dashboards allows teachers to spot where intervention is necessary and track the progress for each student. Teachers can see the preferred learning methods of students when using online material. The more the students use CENTURY’s platform, the more accurate and reliable the data collected is for staff.

We find the platform particularly useful for flipped learning. It enables every student to learn independently and in their own way before applying their knowledge and understanding in class.

CENTURY has also transformed how our students learn at home. A student’s recommended path is personalised to their needs, allowing homework tasks to be focused and impactful. Our parents like CENTURY too as it provides them with a window into their child’s learning.

Students quickly took to using CENTURY and engagement levels have remained high. The personalised learning appeals to them – they like learning at their own pace and being able to review their work. One year 6 student said “CENTURY gets to know your strengths and weaknesses and helps you work on your weaknesses.”

A year 5 student said “I like the diagnostic tests so you can find out what you are struggling with and can improve the skills you need to work on.”

By using CENTURY, JESS has enhanced learning experiences for students and delivered on a vision to equip students to be #FutureReady.

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