11+ Exam preparation made easy with mock tests

Posted on 1st February 2024

Posted by CENTURY

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If your child is sitting grammar school entrance exams this year, we are excited to introduce mock tests for the 11+ exam. This feature is now available for all Bond Online Premium and Bond Online Premium Plus subscribers. 

This article will explain the 11+ mock tests in detail, including how to get started and how best to weave them into your child’s exam preparation routine.

Mock tests for the 11+ exam

The 11+ mock tests contain thousands of questions written by Bond across all four subjects: English, maths, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. The questions are tailored specifically for the mock tests, and cover a wide range of question types and topics. We recommend using them to determine your child’s readiness for the real test as you get closer to the exam dates.

Our mock tests link back to all of the learning content available on Bond Online Premium and Bond Online Premium Plus. Your child can easily refer to the right learning nuggets to help improve their scores, which are also recommended by the platform based on their results. 

You can now assign up to eight mock tests each month to your child. The monthly quota will reset at the start of your next billing cycle. Note: The limit of eight tests for Bond Online Premium Plus users is inclusive of mock exams for the ISEB Pre-Tests.

Setting up 11+ mock tests

  1. Log in to your Guardian account.
  2. Click on the ‘Assign mock test’ button on your learner’s card, then choose the subject(s) that you would like to assign. Although you have a limit of eight tests per month, you can only assign one test for each subject at a time. 
  3. Once assigned, the mock tests will appear on your learner’s homepage when they next log in to their account.

Refer to our 11+ mock test guide for more information on setting up tests.

Taking a mock test

Once your child clicks on a mock test on their homepage, they can read through the instructions, as well as adjust any settings necessary before they begin. Each test is timed according to the real exams with the following durations:

  • English – 50 min
  • Mathematics – 50 mins 
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – 40 mins 
  • Verbal Reasoning – 40 mins

If your child is unsure of a question, they can skip it and come back to it later. Before submitting their test, a submission screen will prompt them to revisit any unanswered questions, if there is time remaining. Once they have completed the test, their results will be instantly accessible in the Guardian or Learner Dashboards.

Reviewing results

In your dashboard, you will be able to view your child’s overall score, topic breakdowns, and nugget recommendations to help guide their revision as they go.

The topic breakdowns are especially helpful to identify areas that your child is excelling in, and where they can focus on to improve. These insights feed into the Recommendations section, which will point you to the next best nugget to study based on their score.

We are working to update the dashboard with more insights on 11+ mock tests very soon, so look out for even more valuable data like stanine scores to help your learner prepare for their exams!

Tips for utilising 11+ mock tests

Mock tests should be used as part of your child’s 11+ exam preparation plan, alongside consistent revision and test practice. If you are unsure of how to begin incorporating mock tests into your child’s routine, we have answered a few frequently asked questions on getting started: 

How should mock tests be integrated into our study routine?

Mock tests should complement other revision techniques, such as utilising the learning nuggets on Bond Online Premium and Bond Online Premium Plus. We advise adapting your child’s study plan as they progress based on their mock test performance and how close they are to the exams. 

If you find that they are consistently struggling in certain topics, spend more time reviewing their mistakes with them to address any misconceptions or knowledge gaps. Subsequently, your child can access the Test Practice area in their learner account to reinforce specific topics using Test nuggets and Checkpoint nuggets.

Our article on 11+ exam preparation goes into further detail on how you and your child can set yourselves up for success.

How can we use mock tests efficiently?

To begin, we suggest having your child complete the initial mock tests in a relaxed environment to get them used to the format. This may involve allowing an ‘open book’ setting or offering guidance through the questions if needed.

As your child gains confidence, transition to completing the mock tests under exam-like conditions, minimising distractions, and emphasising proper time management. This practice fosters the development of positive exam habits before your child faces the actual exams.

How many mock tests should my child be completing?

If you are still several months away from the exams, we recommend assigning one mock test per week as your child gets used to the layout and managing their time. As you get closer to the exams, you should increase this number to two tests each week. It’s important to review their results after every test to track their progress and spot any topics that require improvement.

Log in now to begin assigning mock tests, or start a 7-day free trial of Bond Online Premium or Bond Online Premium Plus to try the mock tests for yourself. We wish your child the best of luck in the 11+ exams!