CENTURY chosen as a Solve MIT solution

Posted on 2nd October 2018

Posted by CENTURY

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From September 22nd to 24th, 2018, the CENTURY team headed to New York to participate in the Solve MIT Challenge Finals. The Solve challenges welcome submissions from teams the world over to come together to provide solutions to major global issues. Successful teams join the Solve community which links companies with a global network of peers to help invigorate project outreach and scale growth.

The CENTURY team participated in the Teachers & Educators Challenge which sought solutions to the question ‘How can teachers and educators provide accessible, personalized, and creative learning experiences for all?’

CENTURY pitched its innovative artificially intelligent learning platform as a means to provide personalised education and reduced teacher workload to schools everywhere, especially in disadvantaged communities:

‘The combination of providing personalised resources to every student and enabling educators to focus their energy where it is most effective can reduce achievement gaps, particularly for learners who are typically let down by the education system: those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who have specific learning needs. It is a travesty that any child is left behind, but the blow is hardened when so many of these children are those who are already so vulnerable.’

CENTURY CEO and Founder Priya Lakhani took to the Challenge stage in an inspiring flash of energy – delivering a brilliant pitch on the importance of empowering every learner. The pitch was an accurate representation of what drives team CENTURY: knowledge, energy, and an unshakeable desire to create change. The team successfully became an official 2018 Solver – one of thirty chosen out of 1,150 submissions. Of only eight winning teams in the Teachers & Educators Challenge, CENTURY was the only UK company.

Of the experience, Lakhani remarked, “During the two day event, MIT Solve has already helped CENTURY Tech to meet new partners to collaborate with, from Ministers of Education wishing to deploy advanced technology in their schools, to investors and channel partners in harder to reach communities. We look forward to working with MIT Solve to establish more relationships in the sector and be an active member of the community.’

The CENTURY team is proud to be among the other inspiring entrants into the Solve community and eager to see the partnership in action.