CENTURY + COBIS Maths All Stars Cup 2024 Competition Results

Posted on 14th March 2024

Posted by CENTURY + COBIS Maths All Stars Cup 2024 Competition Results

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Thank you to all of you that have participated over the last two weeks in the CENTURY + COBIS Maths All Stars Cup. Since 4th March, 133 schools from 59 countries have been using CENTURY’s award-winning maths content to compete for the top spots on our leaderboard.

Participating schools were ranked by type, with winners in each category determined on the average number of questions answered correctly by students.

There has been an extraordinary amount of effort put in by everyone with nearly 5,000,000 questions answered in total and over 23,000 students involved. Special congratulations to our winners. Below are some headline statistics:

Total Time Spent (Minutes): 1,329,674 or 22,161 hours or 923 days

Total Questions Answered: 4,732,311

Total Questions Answered Correctly: 4,180,935

Total Nuggets Completed: 438,534

Total Students Participating: 23,455

Total Teachers Participating: 1,213

Total Schools Participating: 133

Total Countries Participating: 59

Winner: Chartwell International School

Winner: Redeemers International Secondary School

Winner: Pegasus Schools

For more information on how you can use CENTURY in international schools, see here.