CENTURY featured on BBC Two’s Back in Time For School

Posted on 1st March 2019

Posted by CENTURY

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CENTURY’s artificial intelligence teaching and learning platform was featured in the final episode of BBC Two’s Back in Time for School series – and is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer (48 mins in).

Having experienced what education was like over the last 100 years, Sara Cox and her pupils experienced how modern classrooms are adopting cutting-edge technologies to help improve educational standards.

The children found learning through CENTURY enjoyable and engaging, with particular praise for how it allowed them to work independently, especially when they may feel shy about getting answers wrong in front of their peers.

CENTURY augments the role of the teacher by providing them with real-time insights into pupil performance. It allows them to intervene far more accurately than they otherwise would when performance slips, and equally allows them to encourage and stretch pupils who are thriving.

Far from reducing the role of the teacher, artificial intelligence empowers them by giving them more tools and data at their disposal, and by cutting workload by six hours a week.

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