CENTURY launches brand new courses for Year 2

Posted on 14th September 2023

Posted by CENTURY

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We are excited to announce our brand new courses for Year 2 classes! Our team of curriculum experts and former primary school teachers have designed three new courses to support teaching Year 2 pupils English and maths. These courses are available on the CENTURY platform now.

Back in the pandemic, young pupils across the country demonstrated their ability to learn using online platforms. Those that had the opportunity were capably logging into devices, following their teachers’ instructions and learning independently. So we have provided bespoke courses of the appropriate level for Year 2 pupils to work through.

The courses

Each of these courses has been mapped to the national curriculum. The Year 2 SPaG course (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) contains 72 nuggets. Each nugget has a short, comprehensive explainer video at the start, followed by a Remember Card. These are like virtual flashcards and feature the key learning points from the video that pupils can refer back to. Each nugget ends with a series of self-marking formative assessment questions that provide instant feedback.

The Year 2 Mathematics course contains 78 nuggets, and has been mapped to both the national curriculum and to White Rose Small Steps for Year 2. The Mathematics course also includes Checkpoints, which are a new type of assessment nugget that can be used to track progress at the end of a unit. These nuggets contain diagnostic links, so CENTURY’s advanced AI will select learning nuggets to fill gaps in learners’ knowledge which will appear in the Recommended Path.

There is also a short Year 2 Multiplication Tables course, containing 14 nuggets. This course enables students to practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Integrating these courses into your teaching

These courses have been designed to be engaging, colourful and age-appropriate for younger learners. Though teachers use resources in a variety of innovative and creative ways, we would recommend these courses are used to consolidate that week’s classroom learning - rather than for pre-teaches or flipped learning. As with all CENTURY content, these can be used for learning in school or at home.

These courses have been designed to be used as part of your students’ preparations for Key Stage 1 SATs. CENTURY’s live data dashboards will support teachers identifying learning gaps in real time to inform the planning of revision sessions for whole classes, particular groups or individual pupils.

Both the SPaG and maths courses include end of year assessments which can be used to ascertain your students’ understanding of all featured topics. These can be taken prior to the SATs, and the results data will enable teachers to identify gaps and target revision topics. These assessments also contain diagnostic links, so if a pupil struggles in a particular area, CENTURY’s AI will also recommend nuggets to plug gaps.

Find out more about how your pupils can begin their CENTURY journey in Key Stage One here.