CENTURY Tech wins Innovate UK grant to improve education

Posted on 26th May 2018

Posted by CENTURY

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CENTURY’s learning platform learns how you learn. Our groundbreaking platform uses artificial intelligence and data science, underpinned with insights from cognitive neuroscience, to provide students with a personalised education and to reduce teachers’ administrative burden.

CENTURY has recently won a grant from Innovate UK, the UK government’s innovation agency, which will allow CENTURY to accelerate their innovation and continue to develop their revolutionary learning platform.

Priya Lakhani OBE, CENTURY’s Founder CEO says “At CENTURY we work tirelessly to improve education and develop groundbreaking and innovative technology that makes a real difference to the lives of many. It is fantastic we have been recognised by the UK’s leading innovation agency!”

CENTURY helps solve two of the biggest pain points in education – students being disengaged with their education and teachers dealing with huge, and often unmanageable, workloads. CENTURY gathers data on students via their interactions with the platform; every click, every score, every interaction is recorded. This data feeds into machine learning algorithms that learn how each individual student learns. The platform plots the most effective route through learning material to ensure that all children are adequately supported in their learning. Gaps in foundational knowledge are quickly identified and remedied, weaknesses are scaffolded and strengths built upon. Rather than a student having to wait weeks for work to be collected, marked and returned in order for misunderstandings to be corrected, CENTURY can intervene at the point of need.

CENTURY selects the most effective content for a student from a large bank, reducing the amount of time teachers need to spend planning lessons and preparing materials. CENTURY automates administrative tasks by marking formative assessments, gathering data and tracking homework, further reducing the admin heavy workload faced by teachers. The platform gathers data insights about each student, including their achievement, knowledge, skills and performance against assessment objectives, which are presented back to the teacher in real-time via easy to use dashboards. This data enables teachers to deliver timely, targeted interventions and to employ evidence based teaching strategies.

Feedback from CENTURY users:

“It’s great to have a diagnostic tool which accurately and constantly reflects what the student knows.” Headteacher, Sussex

“CENTURY offers a truly individualised and tailored approach to the preferred and most effective learning techniques of each and every student.” UK Secondary Academy Trust Director

“I like the way CENTURY adapts to my level of learning and helps me understand topics. It is also fun and easy to use.” CENTURY student, Kent